GPS Tracking system

GPS Tracking – Stay Ahead of Repairs & on Top of Preventative Maintenance With Telematics Data

GPS (global positioning system) tracking, sometimes called telematics, isn’t just about vehicle tracking to prevent machine theft, but one of the best ways to reduce machine repair costs and downtime.

How the Fleet Tracking System Works

After the installation of the wired version of the telematics device (T5 GPS device) in your heavy equipment, telematics devices will continue monitoring your equipment. You will receive telematics data such as battery life, idling hours, fuel consumption, and other parameters on all your fleet vehicles.

With this continuous monitoring, the telematics system shows you trends as well as live readings of your heavy equipment such as battery life, engine hours and etc that will help you improve your vehicle health. Telematics devices can also be used to immobilize your equipment remotely to protect your fleet assets from theft.

Even better, telematics technology helps you save time and money on administrative duties, thanks to better optimization and alerts across your entire fleet. GPS fleet tracking software helps you to see where all of your machines are at any given time with telematics systems, schedule regular vehicle maintenance, and even avoid major issues with preventative maintenance.

Heavy equipment driver using GPS fleet tracking software on a iPad.

Geofencing for Fleet Management

Most telematics systems include geofencing, which allows you to set a virtual perimeter around a location.

Construction companies use geofencing as a means of preventing the theft of their heavy equipment. Others use it to monitor job sites since a geofence will alert you when machinery enters and exits the perimeter. Some may even use telematics systems for more accurate job site billing since they can monitor the time you spend on-site combined with engine run and idle times.

No matter how you use a geofence, telematics technology can save you time and money, increase fleet performance, and grant you greater visibility over your entire fleet.

Heavy equipment driver setting a virtual perimeter around a location inside GPS fleet tracking software on a iPad.

What Our GPS Trackers Monitor

Engine on/off time


Idle time

Battery life

Asset utilization

Benefits of GPS Telematics Devices for Vehicle Maintenance

Alerts for service appointments (especially pre-scheduled preventative maintenance)

Increased fleet efficiency by setting parameters such as low tire pressure, oil, and engine performance

GPS technology reduces downtime by getting to vehicle maintenance needs before they become major problems

Increase productivity by reducing downtime

Stay in compliance with safety regulations

GPS tracking system sends alerts for theft or unauthorized use

Save on fuel costs by decreasing fuel consumption with GPS tracking systems

Geofencing and GPS vehicle tracking

GPS Tracking Devices


Fleet manager holding a portable telematics device in front of an open excavator


Heavy equipment fleet manager holding a wired telematics device

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