While GPS tracking systems are largely used for preventative maintenance and theft prevention, there quite a few other benefits that fleet managers and fleet businesses enjoy:

  • ● Reduced insurance costs due to the anti-theft features (such as alerts to your device and tracking), and diagnostics monitoring that allows you to control speeding and harsh braking activity
    ● Improved safety of your fleet operators thanks to diagnostics reporting, which reduces the risk of life threatening accidents from maintenance issues or reckless driving
    ● Increase productivity by monitoring and correcting idle time and reducing downtime spent on maintenance.
    ● Reduce time and costs by knowing where all of your assets and employees are at all times- ensuring you always have what you need on a job site and you’re always dispatching the right employees with the right resources.
    ● Provide more accurate billing with accurate insights into hours of service and job duration.

Yes, you can add vehicle GPS tracking devices to heavy equipment.

There are several ways that a GPS vehicle tracking system with fleet management software can save you money, including:

  • ● Preventative maintenance that reduces costs spent on maintenance
    ● Reduced labor costs on fleet management, reporting, and administration due to automatic reporting
    ● Save on fuel costs by continuously monitoring how your fleet vehicles and machinery are being used- such as speeding, idling, which increase fuel consumption
    ● Always know where your assets are – which helps ensure that you make the most out of every vehicle or machine. You’ll know what each job site needs and what assets you have available at all times
    ● Create more accurate invoices with geofencing and alerts that tell you the exact hours of service and time spent on a job site

Yes, one of our technicians will install a GPS device on your fleet vehicles and heavy equipment.

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