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Know what's happening on-site, in real-time

Did you know that with a fleet tracking solution you can get a full, real-time view of all of your heavy equipment assets at once with vehicle tracking devices. Fleet managers can get live updates on location, diagnostics, hours of service, idle time, and more. With greater visibility over your entire fleet, you’ll never miss a beat.

A customer using the GPS fleet tracking system on a tablet to look up vehicle location for one of the assets in their fleet
Fleet manager uses the mobile app to set a up geofencing perimeter for asset tracking

Protect your fleet and your business with geofencing

Geofencing allows you to improve fleet tracking by creating a virtual perimeter around job sites, and alerts you to deliveries, equipment leaving and entering the service area, idle time, and unauthorized operations.

Fleet managers will be notified if your heavy machinery leaves a job site during off-hours, and the tracking device tracks that equipment for faster recovery by authorities.

Fleet management solutions to help you stay on top of preventative maintenance

With GPS fleet tracking devices, you’ll get live updates on your fleet vehicles diagnostics- from idle time and fuel use to oil changes and battery life. Set custom alerts to notify you of regular vehicle maintenance needs like filter changes, or set parameters to notify you of issues that could turn into major repairs.

Don’t lose thousands of dollars on heavy equipment and fleet vehicle repairs that could have been prevented.

Heavy equipment technician holding up the Tekamo HD device for fleet tracking which is about to be installed in an excavator

GPS Installation Preview

GPS Vehicle Tracking Features

Smart dispatch

Quickly locate and dispatch the nearest mobile worker with the right skills and vehicle for the job. Offer customers accurate ETAs. Filter by attributes or tags and sort by distance. Right-sized dispatch reduces per-mile costs and double-handling of service calls.

Trend analysis

Run historical reports on up to 2 years of fleet data to uncover insightful trends, support investigations and extrapolate reliable forecasts to help your bottom line. Cloud-based storage is regularly backed up and replicated.

Prompt alerts

Set custom alerts to improve driver safety based on travel speeds, idling, harsh braking, and more. Want drivers to slow down in the rain or snow? Trigger a lower-limit speeding alert when the vehicle wipers are active.

What happened here?

Easily replay historical events to improve the speed and efficiency of internal investigations for damage claims or accidents.

Hours of service

Set-up hour tracking to manage legal driving hours and help improve the accuracy of trip scheduling to keep drivers within legal HOS limits.

Asset tracking

Monitor and manage all types of mobile equipment with our fleet management software to help improve safety, security and utilization. AEMP-compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our GPS Tracker

What are the benefits of using a fleet management system?

While GPS tracking systems are largely used for preventative maintenance and theft prevention, there are quite a few other benefits that fleet managers and fleet businesses enjoy:

  • Reduced insurance costs due to the anti-theft features (such as alerts and location tracking), and diagnostics monitoring that allows you to control speeding and harsh braking activity.
  • Improved safety of your fleet operators thanks to diagnostics reporting, which reduces the risk of life-threatening accidents from maintenance issues or reckless driving.
  • Increase productivity by monitoring and correcting idle time and reducing downtime spent on maintenance.
  • Reduce time and costs with GPS fleet tracking by knowing where all of your assets and employees are at all times- ensuring you always have what you need on a job site and you’re always dispatching the right employees with the right resources.Provide more accurate billing with accurate insights into hours of service and job duration.

How does a fleet management system save me money?

There are several ways that a GPS vehicle tracking system with fleet management software can save you money, including:

  • Preventative maintenance that reduces costs spent on maintenance.
  • Reduced labour costs on fleet management, reporting, and administration due to automatic reporting.
  • Save on fuel costs by continuously monitoring how your fleet vehicles and machinery are being used- such as speeding, idling, which increase fuel consumption.
  • Always know where your assets are- which helps ensure that you make the most out of every vehicle or machine. You’ll know what each job site needs and what assets you have available at all times.
  • Create more accurate invoices with geofencing and alerts that tell you the exact hours of service and time spent on a job site.

Can you use a tracker for GPS fleet tracking on heavy equipment?

Yes, you can add vehicle GPS tracking devices to heavy equipment.

Do we install the GPS device for you?

Yes, one of our technicians will install the device for GPS fleet tracking on your vehicles and heavy equipment during the time of repair.